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Moving to Agile methodologies changes the traditional Project Manager’s role. While Project and Program Managers (PMOs) are still expected to plan and track budget and progress (time and scope), Agile requires a new way of thinking and brings with it different measurements and practices that project managers need to incorporate into their toolbox. In this workshop we will review how to manage projects and programs in an Agile organization, how to plan them, as well as how to measure, track, and predict their success.

The goal of this workshop is to supply project and program managers, as well as executives, with the tools required to achieve healthier, saner, more successful projects by making the best of Agile principles and practices.


  • A short Lean/Agile introduction
  • Scaling Agile to the release and portfolio
  • Planning in an agile organization
  • Metrics and Governance
  • Risk Management and Control
  • Complementing Parts of the Project Team
  • Transition Strategies
  • The Role of the Program/Project Manager

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