Rain gutter systems

Gutters are an important piece in your roofing system and STI can ensure they provide you with all of the benefits they should. Our professional staff can help you assess your drainage and come up with the right solution to protect your investment.

Poorly maintained gutters and downspouts can cause problems that, over time, may flood the basement, damage the roof, cause rot and even destroy the siding on the house. They can also cause issues like peeling and cracking paint, crumbling mortar joints and ice jams. If damage is already apparent you may have to replace your gutter systems.

Poor water flow is a common problem with gutters, and is caused by leaves or other foreign objects plugging up the downspouts, which can lead to major issues. These problems can be easily prevented by installing a leaf guard like Leaf relief and Water Falls.

Whether it’s general maintenance or a new installation, STI will provide the best service or professional installation, with the best products in the business. STI specializes in ‘K’ style, half round, copper, recessed copper roof gutters, and any custom gutters.